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When you try to get rid of body fat, the number you see on the scale will fluctuate. One day you're 145 pounds, and the next day you're 150 pounds, which can cause confusion about your weight. It will make you question whether or not what you're doing is helping you lose weight.

Many people give up when they see their weight and no progress. When you see that your weight has not changed or increased, it can be very discouraging, making you think that your weight will never decrease, which isn't true. There are many reasons why your weight remains the same or increased, not caused by overeating.

The number you see on the scale fluctuates as you try to lose weight. When you lose weight, there is a reduction in body fat, which means that your weight should decrease. However, let's say that you do exercises that involve building muscle, which means that you are gaining muscle while losing fat. In that case, you may see the number on the scale increase because muscle and fat weigh the same, so you may not gain fat, and instead, muscle and muscle help burn fat. Therefore, the question arises of how often you should weigh yourself?

I recommend that you weigh yourself every day, at the end of each week and the beginning of each month. Checking your weight will help you make sure that you are working to achieve your goal. If you don't see any progress, you must reinforce what you're doing. Reinforcement helps you determine what you are doing wrong and what you need to do to get back on track to achieve your goal.

Monitoring and tracking your weight is very beneficial when it comes to eliminating body fat. You would be upset to know that even after doing so much for a month to lose weight, you still weigh the same weight as you were a month ago. The things you do to help you lose weight will continue to change throughout your weight loss journey because your body is constantly changing.


I know you may have heard someone tell you not to weigh yourself every day. However, I consider that you do because it will help you notice small changes in your weight, decreasing or increasing. When you see minor weight changes, this motivates you to stay on track or get back on track.

Weighing yourself every day can help you be aware of minor changes in your weight and help you track how your body fluctuates as you lose weight.


Weighing yourself every week will give you a more accurate weight because of all the minor changes your body has experienced throughout the week. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning on an empty stomach. Weighing yourself every week can help you set new weight loss goals for the coming week.


Weighing yourself every month will enable you to see a significant increase or decrease in your weight, but it's up to you. It is important to weigh yourself every month because it will help you determine your updated BMR if you lost weight and a new weight to reach the next month.

There may be a month when you may not be at the weight you expected. However, it allows you to sit back and reflect on what went wrong in the month that may have caused an increase in your weight and understand how you can overcome that in the next month to be successful.


Having a scale throughout your journey is something that you need to achieve your goal. Therefore, use the scale because nothing else will help you know about your weight and keep track of it.

Remember, the best time to get on the scale to see what you weigh in the morning on an empty stomach. It is best to weigh yourself with minimum clothes as the clothes have weight. It would be best if you don't weigh yourself during the day because your weight can fluctuate due to factors such as eating, drinking, and exercising that you may do throughout the day.

Be sure to keep track of your weight using an app or write it down in a notebook. This way, you can monitor small and significant changes that your body undergoes.


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