Limit Your Alcohol Intake Article

Have you ever heard someone say someone has a beer belly? They're trying to say that the person has a big belly because they drink beer a lot. However, having a beer belly means having significant body fat stored in the abdominal area, causing a protruding belly. It's called beer belly because drinking too much alcohol, such as beer, can cause unwanted body fat in the abdominal area. Drinking alcohol can affect your:

  • Blood Glucose Levels
  • Testosterone Levels
  • Inhibitions
  • Primary Source of Fuel

All of which can have an impact on your effort to eliminate unwanted body fat.


Alcohol has no nutritional value, also called empty calories, because it provides your body with just calories and no nutrients. Alcohol consists of simple sugars that can raise your blood glucose levels. High blood glucose levels can lead to severe conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and excess body fat if you continuously consume high amounts of alcohol.

When your blood contains high glucose levels, the hormone insulin is released to eliminate sugar from your blood. Insulin maintains your blood glucose levels and prevents serious health issues from occurring. However, while insulin protects you from serious health issues, it can also cause serious problems. When insulin eliminates sugar from your blood, it stores the sugar in fat cells for energy later on.

If you continue to drink high amounts of alcohol, you will have high peaks in your blood glucose levels. Therefore, insulin will still eliminate sugar from your blood by storing it in your fat cells, which can cause unwanted body fat if you do not use the stored sugar for energy that insulin stores in your fat cell.


Drinking alcohol can cause low testosterone levels. Testosterone is known as the sex hormone, but it also plays a role in strengthening and maintaining muscle. When you are trying to eliminate body fat, you may want to implement weightlifting to help burn extra calories to help you achieve your goal. Weightlifting involves many exercises that break down your muscles to make them bigger and stronger, increasing your metabolism, which can help you burn more body fat. However, if you consume high amounts of alcohol, it can cause low levels of testosterone that can affect your ability to build muscle.


A common thing about alcohol is that it reduces your inhibitions. Inhibitions are where you are aware of things to help prevent something from occurring, and drinking alcohol can cause you to make bad decisions, especially with food. When you are drink alcohol, you may ignore that you are trying to eat healthy to lose weight and yet decide to eat unhealthy foods you're surrounded by, consuming additional calories that can result in body fat. Therefore, you want to limit the amount of alcohol you consume to be still aware of what you eat to help you achieve your goal.


Alcohol can prevent you from reaching your goal since it can prevent your body from burning extra calories stored as fat. Your body will stop utilizing stored fat for energy because alcohol becomes the primary fuel source. This means that if you have alcohol in your system, your body will first burn the alcohol for energy to function properly instead of using stored calories. Therefore, your body can not burn the extra calories stored as body fat until all the alcohol is used for energy. Therefore, drinking alcohol back to back can stop your body from burning excess calories to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Complete elimination of alcohol is not necessary. It's okay to have it for occasions, but it can result in serious health problems like body fat when you overdo it. Therefore, if you decide to drink alcohol, be sure to do so in moderation that will not affect your efforts to eliminate unwanted body fat.


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